Month: September 2017

“It’s weird because nothing matches, but everything matches,” – Andy Cohen’s late manager, Sandy Gallin. Skyframe proudly framed works for The Bravo showman for his newly renovated duplex in Manhattan’s West Village. Breezing through the article, you will read names of high end furniture designers such as Ralph Lauren, another Skyframe favorite, as well as […]

    Installing artwork is more challenging than some collectors may think it is. It’s not like hanging a poster in your college dorm or placing a piece of luxury furniture in your living room. There are logistical, security, and aesthetic considerations to take into account. Hence, the need for professional art installers who know how to […]

      Graduating with a master’s in social work, Abbie Sophia did not know where life would lead her. She was always interested in photography but didn’t pursue it. She was had just graduated social work school when one of her friends said she should take over for him as a local photographer.  “I laughed at first,” […]