Month: March 2020

Morning, Noon, and Night

March 13th, 2020

Artist of the Month: Charles Caesar “My imagery represents three parts of a day; morning, noon, and night. It’s difficult to choose a favorite among the three as each contributes it’s own energies towards the piece as a whole.” Charles Caesar is the March 2020 Artist of the Month at Skyframe and you can stop […]

    SPRING/BREAK Roundup

    March 4th, 2020

    We asked a curator from SPRING/BREAK what he wants to convey through his labor of love and Eli Bronner gave an answer that fit perfectly with the concepts running throughout the SPRING/BREAK opening last evening. “I like to tell the artist’s story in an accessible way. You have to feel the artist’s energy through the […]

      What is your educational background? I studied History (I have a masters from Sorbonne University in Paris). I started working as a writer and wrote a book which is some kind of ode to tears and crying. But I also write articles for magazines, very often about culture and art. For example I am the NYC correspondent of Gazette […]