Artist of the Month – Dinesh Boaz

April 10th, 2018

Some photographers go to great heights- literally-to catch a shot. That’s exactly what Dinesh Boaz does. Dinesh bravely charters helicopters for each shoot and is able to plan and capture a birds eye view of what’s below him. He even goes as far as to fly without any doors so the views are not obstructed. He aims to bring out emotion and, in his words, “photograph and showcase the personal spaces of our lives and show how we are limited by what we can only see in front of us. We become patterns of life when seen from the sky,  intertwined so closely with the landscape and structures that we live in.”

Dinesh, studied photography at Rutgers and most recently studied Advanced Printmaking at ICP.  He also serves as a Creative Director at a NYC/LA based digital advertising agency. You can view some of his spectacular art on or instagram @beatsbydinesh. All work is printed to custom order. Dinesh has a nice range of prints priced from $750-$3000+.