Skyframe has over 35 years of fine art installation experience.

Our experienced art installers arrive on time and ready to install with all necessary components to complete any installation. Our installation services include: picture framing installations, pedestal installations, sculpture installations, and other visual display installations for residential, galleries, retail, and corporate.

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  • Professional Art Installations Starting at $180*

    Leave it to Skyframe for a safe and leveled install!

    *Promotional offer is for one installer for jobs under 1 hour. Specialty materials including hardware, ladder, or specialty hanging systems may incur additional expenses. Promotional offer only eligible for Manhattan installations.


    Let Skyframe & Display mock up your next project for you! Our talented designers will provide layout services to place your artwork. Doing this for your client? Your client will be thrilled to see the care put into the design before drilling the first hole in their walls! Mockups are charged at an hourly rate and can compliment any Skyframe art installation.


    On-site assembly of frame and all oversize installations. Can’t fit it through the door framed? Skyframe & Display will assemble the frame and fit the piece into the frame on site.

  • On Site Installations

    Installation Services include picture framing installations, pedestal installations, sculpture installations, and other visual displays.

    We install on Brick, Drywall, Concrete, Tile, Marble, Ceilings and more.


    Skyframe will determine the best hanging hardware to use on your frame, given the dimension and material the frame is being hanged on. Hanging hardware requests are accepted as long as it agrees with the specs of the framing construction. Hanging hardware available include classic picture framing wire, D-Rings/Mirror Hangers, Wooden Z-clips, Metal Z-Clips/French Cleat, and Standoffs; Ceiling hanging systems and cable systems available at additional costs.


*It is important to understand that Skyframe’s policies regarding insurance for Art Storage are different from the policies it maintains for framing services and transportation.

As is usual practice in the art storage and art handling industry, Skyframe requires its clients to obtain insurance coverage for artworks that will be stored in the Art Storage Facility. The insurance should fully cover transportation and storage of the artwork(s). We currently work with an Art Insurance Broker who can be contacted to assist you in finding the right policy at the proper cost. If you would like, Skyframe would be happy to do this on your behalf and include policy costs in Art Storage/Transportation costs. This will allow you to manage your cost more easily on one bill. Below you will find the insurance contact at Elias B. Cohen & Associates.

Munya Musuka, CIC, CLCS
Elias B. Cohen & Associates
101 Eisenhower Parkway
Roseland, NJ 07068
Tel: 973-403-9500
Cell: 862-210-5841
Fax: 973-403-7755 or 973-403-3362

INFORMATION NEEDED FOR INSTALLATIONS (Please be as detailed as possible)

  • How many pieces are we installing? Sizes? Frame/Piece Backings (D-rings, Wire,Metal Z-Clips, French Cleats)?
  • What are we drilling into? (drywall, concrete, plaster, tile)
  • How high on the wall is it to be installed? (ladder on site? or do we need to provide one? scaffolding needed?)
  • Do you know if the location requires a Certificate Of Insurance?
  • We will not schedule jobs for locations without a COI if it is required, or assumed to not be necessary.
  • What dates work for you?

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