Some photographers go to great heights- literally-to catch a shot. That’s exactly what Dinesh Boaz does. Dinesh bravely charters helicopters for each shoot and is able to plan and capture a birds eye view of what’s below him. He even goes as far as to fly without any doors so the views are not obstructed. […]

    Many of Andy Warhol’s films were plotless. Warhol felt that capturing time on film was interesting enough to suffice a plot. New York based artist, Ariel Benichou ranks Warhol among his biggest inspirations. It’s no surprise then, that much of Benichou’s work depicts the concept of time. His work, most notably silkscreen prints of luxury […]

      Don’t toy with Valerie Carmet. She will most certainly do it better. The Whimsical artist creates memorable works of art using found objects such as her children’s discarded toys. “In my early years, I unfortunately did not get to be a child-now I take toys and play with them artistically. Assembling them in a way […]

        At first, Polo Ponies and Nor’easter storms don’t seem to have much connective tissue; however the two (among several other subjects) find themselves inextricably linked by photographer, Bob Tabor and the Mythical Hamptons where he resides. His work, however, is not a Pulitzer paisley wrapped in seagrass. Through his stunning images, Tabor captures the living […]

          Michael De feo aka @theflowerguy tells it like it is. Or, at least paints it like it is. De Feo’s whimsical florals have been a fixture in major cities, particularly New York since the early 90’s. You have seen his work thousands of times on bus stops, billboards and posters. While De Feo has been […]

            “It’s weird because nothing matches, but everything matches,” – Andy Cohen’s late manager, Sandy Gallin. Skyframe proudly framed works for The Bravo showman for his newly renovated duplex in Manhattan’s West Village. Breezing through the article, you will read names of high end furniture designers such as Ralph Lauren, another Skyframe favorite, as well as […]

              Installing artwork is more challenging than some collectors may think it is. It’s not like hanging a poster in your college dorm or placing a piece of luxury furniture in your living room. There are logistical, security, and aesthetic considerations to take into account. Hence, the need for professional art installers who know how to […]

                Graduating with a master’s in social work, Abbie Sophia did not know where life would lead her. She was always interested in photography but didn’t pursue it. She was had just graduated social work school when one of her friends said she should take over for him as a local photographer.  “I laughed at first,” […]

                  Lauren Benrimon (b.1992) is a New York City based artist known for her vibrant, wild use of color, texture and rhythmic paintings. She works primarily in painting and photography, among other mediums, which she studied at The School of Visual Arts. As a daughter of a gallery owner, Lauren has been deeply influenced by Modern […]

                    Alice Quaresma was born in Brazil in 1985. She currently lives in New York. Alice got her MFA from Pratt Institute in 2009. Alice has participated in exhibitions and residency programs in the USA, Europe and South America. In 2014, Alice got Foam Magazine Talent award with her project “Roots”. She had her first solo […]