Artist of the Month – Valerie Carmet

February 1st, 2018

Don’t toy with Valerie Carmet. She will most certainly do it better. The Whimsical artist creates memorable works of art using found objects such as her children’s discarded toys. “In my early years, I unfortunately did not get to be a child-now I take toys and play with them artistically. Assembling them in a way to invite you to relive, with me, the experience of your childhood playtime.”

Carmet was born in France and studied international policy at University. She then began to study a new interest. Italian Mosaics. In Italy Carmet learned the intricate secrets of creating elaborate Italian mosaics before she moved to New York City, studying for three years at the prestigious Anandamali Studio. Her talent with mosaics have led to high profile commissions for The Ritz Carlton, Rockefeller Center (Top of the Rock) and Pfizer. In her own words, Valerie is stimulated by  “beauty, colors, and aesthetics.”

Her feel-good work took a pivotal turn when her children began to outgrow some of the toys that they once deeply treasured. “They were too sweet and strange to toss, so they inspired this collection.” Carmet uses toys of all value levels. Old, new, vintage and recycled- the toys find a new life as beautiful, mini installations.

Carmet’s work is visable in several galleries in NYC, including: Anderson Contemporary Gallery, Azart Gallery, Maison24, and Michele Mariaud Gallery. Her pieces will be exhibited this month, February, in Barcelona at Emurj Gallery– as well as the Art Wynwood show in Miami; February 15-18th. She invites you to discover more at