Frame of Mind – Letting Art Lead the Design

January 24th, 2020

Skyframe is here to make the case for leading the interior design process with a “Art and Framing First Mentality”. Read below for reasons why our staff and colleagues prefer to let artwork guide the mood for each space.

Art can determine your color palette. 

One of the most difficult decisions with designing a space is determining the color palette. Therefore, it makes sense to turn to art to lead the design process. This is such an important and beloved investment, so let your favorite piece, with a complimenting frame, be the driving motivation for tones throughout the room.

Photo via Maria Orlova


Art becomes a focal point.

Most interior designers agree that each room needs a point of convergence. The focal point is a solitary structure that attracts the eye and supplies the viewer with an assumption regarding space. Therefore, a beloved piece of art, with the right frame, can become that defining moment and is a fantastic way to achieve your design objectives.

Alexander Doherty Design via 1st Dibs

Art adds texture.

Choosing diverse art will add texture to the room depending on how strategically it is implemented. Typically, harsh surfaces fit casual designs, and a smooth surface will make the space feel luxe and modern. Therefore, work on choosing different mediums to project a unique vantage point. Skyframe sources art for you and creates mock-ups that exhibit how an assortment of styles will fit within your space.

Design by Roughan Interiors


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