Artist of the Month – Bob Tabor

January 3rd, 2018

At first, Polo Ponies and Nor’easter storms don’t seem to have much connective tissue; however the two (among several other subjects) find themselves inextricably linked by photographer, Bob Tabor and the Mythical Hamptons where he resides. His work, however, is not a Pulitzer paisley wrapped in seagrass. Through his stunning images, Tabor captures the living DNA of his subjects with vivid attention-resulting in graphic, yet serene large-scale photos that elude to a realm world where natural texture and artistic color compositions juxtapose the typical “nature scape.”

After over 40 years in the Advertising industry, Tabor has learned that images must make a direct emotional connection immediately. In an interview with PDN Magazine, Tabor admits that revealing the emotional truth from his subjects cat be, at times, challenging. Speaking of his horse portraits tabor commented “I may see something in the horse immediately, and capture it in the first half hour, or I may be back two or three days. The horse may be having a bad day, he may be a little uncomfortable, I allocate a lot of time.” It’s this patience that has rewarded Tabor with his soulful images that speak volumes, yet seem to whisper simultaneously.

Portrait requests have seen a dramatic increase for Bob, after a fellow equestrian admired his work while passing a shoot in the stables. This equestrian? He was a designer for Ralph Lauren Home. Tabor’s images now grace the walls of Ralph Lauren stores on 4 continents. Bob Tabor is represented by Emmanuel Fremin Gallery in Chelsea, and Chase Edwards Contemporary in Bridgehampton.