K. Scott Cosme Reception

February 5th, 2020

Skyframe is proud to announce our very first opening reception featuring the work of K. Scott Cosme. Cosme is our current artist of the month, and his work is curated in collaboration with Heather Carter, founder of Carter Fine Art Services. Please join us on Thursday February 20th, from 6pm-8pm, for a night of art and community, plus 25% off discount codes for all attendees to use on future Skyframe orders. Read more about the artist and curator below and RSVP here.

Kevin Scott Cosme is a creative specialist born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. His artistic journey began in elementary school with graffiti black books that were passed around to neighborhood street artists trying to outshine each other from spread to spread. Honing his skills with spray paint and an airbrush, he then began creating murals, t-shirts and other various artworks for local home owners and businesses who all recommended he take his skill set to the next level through proper training.  In 1995, Kevin enrolled in SUNY Purchase’s BFA program and graduated in ’99 with a degree in Graphic Design.

As Senior Art Director by his mid 20’s for a SoHo based ad agency, he created the materials for big brands like Sony and Cisco but would include illustrations and creative pieces that matched his aesthetic and were enthusiastically embraced by the brands. In his freelance work, companies like Auto Zone, BMW, and Def Jam were so impressed by his style and vision they would often redirect their creative thinking to match his ideas and directions. Although he found success in advertising, Kevin would always find himself going back to his first passion – painting.

“I strive to create pieces that everyone can relate to. I want them to pop & feel like my neighborhood walls.” 

Heather Carter is the founder of Carter Fine Art Services (CFAS) focused on art consultation, artist representation and curation. Daughter of the reputable artist Robert Carter, she grew up surrounded by extraordinary art and artists, and developed a passion for art having been exposed at a very early age. For more information about CFAS, please visit: www.carterfineartservices.com.