Artist of the Month – Ariel Benichou

March 1st, 2018

Many of Andy Warhol’s films were plotless. Warhol felt that capturing time on film was interesting enough to suffice a plot. New York based artist, Ariel Benichou ranks Warhol among his biggest inspirations. It’s no surprise then, that much of Benichou’s work depicts the concept of time.

His work, most notably silkscreen prints of luxury goods, like Rolex’s, fit perfectly with Andy’s obsession with wealth and celebrity. The somewhat cartoonish lines recall the works of a young Keith Haring-another inspiration for Benichou. Playful colors and targeted logos, Dom Perignon, Hermes, Maserati, capture the insta-worthy youth culture, currently dominating the art scene; where having a selfie with the art is more impressive than owning it. Warhol would be proud.

As a child Benichou found solace and relaxation in making art. Experimenting with different mediums, Ariel utilizes a variety of materials including wood, acrylics, gold leaf, diamond dust, spray paint and resin. As mentioned above, Benichou indeed has a proliferation for art depicting watches. “The hands of a watch never stop moving and we can take that as a lesson to never give up-just keep moving.”

Like any young artist, the best way to view his art is via the chosen gallery for most millennials-Instagram. His work ranges in price. If interested in purchasing, please contact him at