Artist of the Month – Lynda Churilla

May 9th, 2018

Flip through almost any magazine and land on an ad campaign. Chances are it’s the work of NYC based photographer, Lynda Churilla. Take a quick F train to Soho and you can even see her work being turned in to a painted billboard mural for Tory Burch. Her work, however, extends far beyond fragrances and next seasons collections.

A native of Princeton New Jersey, Churilla didn’t grow up far from the ocean that would inform most of her work. After graduating from The School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, Lynda embarked on a lifechanging career opportunity. After working as the assistant to famed photographer, Bruce Weber for over eight years, Lynda decided to carve her own path. That path made of sea grass and ocean mist is the chemical DNA of her photography.

“Chemical” being the operative word, Churilla shoots mostly with film. She started her career with Pentax 6×7 and now uses film and digital formats. The resulting texture and movement creates her signature dream-like quality. While relaxing to look at, one can’t help but feel the urgency of her shots- as if she has captured the last few fleeting moments of summer; and perhaps of innocence itself-especially evident in photos like “Kenny in love.”

Among Ocean life, Lynda finds inspiration in athletes, light, and most recently motorcycle racing; which at first may seem like a departure but it is here, in this new series that we definitively see her point of view as a photographer. Two worlds that are drastically different, are brought together- not only coexisting in the same universe, but against all odds- interacting. The fluid movement of a motorcycle, the urgency of a race, a tactile approach to nature all have connective tissue to the youth, escapism and sun-bleached days that Churilla is known for.

Churilla is represented by Robin Rice Gallery in both NYC and Beacon, NY and will be featured in Robin’s next group show, “Summertime Salon.” For commercial photography, she is represented by Elizabeth Kline Murphy. Her work can also be viewed at and For more information, please contact: