Dye Sublimation

stunning images that will last for years

  • ChromaLuxe Products

    • HD Metal Prints
    • MDF and Natural Wood
    • Hardboard
    • Archival Ink
    • Chemical Resistant
    • Scratch Resistant
    • Moisture Resistant
    • Flame Resistant
  • Fabric Prints

    • Lightboxes
    • Edge-less Framing
    • Washable
    • Easy Install
    • Silicone Edging
    • Ships Folded
    • Archival Ink
    • High Definition

Using the latest in printing technology, SkyLab can create high impact imagery for retail stores, corporate offices, trade shows, and so much more. Our beautiful dye-sublimation prints are even suitable for outdoor applications! During the dye sublimation process, an image is first printed onto a sheet of transfer paper, which is then placed on a specialized, pre-treated substrate of your choice. We place the material into our sublimation heat press, which heats the transfer paper to the perfect temperature. This unique process turns the transfer paper directly into a gas and solidifies it into the substrate. The result? A lightweight, picture-perfect print that is just as beautiful as it is durable and easy to maintain. This new technology has been revolutionary for the healthcare, hospitality, and retail industries due to the material being so easy to clean.

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