Large Format Scanning & Retouching
For all applications

  • Professional Scanning & Retouching

    • Drum & Flatbed Scanning
    • Color Correction
    • File Manipulation
    • GMG Certified Proofing

Drum & Flatbed Scanning Our Standard scans include a neutral color and are lightly dusted. Custom scans include color and contrast adjustments, to match clients’ specifications. It also includes dodging, burning, cropping, and fine dusting. *All Files are saved as Tif files, Adobe 98 RGB @300dpi. Proofing & Retouching Inkjet Certified GMG Proofs: GRACOL, FOGRA & SWAP *All Inkjet proofs include a certified color bar. Retouching & Image Manipulation: SkyLab’s Retouchers offer Layout Creation, File Adjustments, Minor/Major Color Corrections, and Photo Composition.

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