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How to clean your Artwork?

 Following some easy steps can preserve the longevity of your artwork.

Hang your Artwork appropriately 

Choose a wall that can support the weight of your piece.

Hang the picture straight. If it is too heavy, secure the artwork with more than one anchor point using wood studs or plaster so the weight is distributed.

Keep the art away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures

Avoid places where your art would be exposed to direct sunlight. If you decide to hang the art in a sunroom, consider framing it with UV filtering acrylic.

Do not put your piece close to radiators, air conditioner units, and fireplaces.

Constantly dust your art 

Do not use chemical products. 

Dust frequently with a dry cloth or a brush. Be careful when using a feather duster as the feathers can get attached to the canvas.

Wipe glass/acrylic with a microfiber cloth and acrylic cleaning solution.

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