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Artist of the Month - Troy House

 "Troy was raised in his family’s photography studio in Iowa. He majored in architecture at Iowa State University, and then eventually moved to Los Angeles to pursue his photography career. He shoots all forms of lifestyle, luxury, and travel. In addition to his love for photography, Troy has a soft-spot for technology and culture which resonates throughout his work. He currently resides in Brooklyn with his wife and son Rogan."
When did you have your "aha" moment in photography, realizing that it was your calling? 
I think it was an amazing art teacher that knew I was creative and kept trying to get me to try photography (which I had shied away from because of my dad). My first job was as a newspaper photographer for the Marshalltown Times Republican, my daily hometown paper. It was there where I really had that light bulb go off on being a photographer full time.
Do you think having a degree in architecture has lent itself to the lens in which you present the world in your photography? 
Absolutely. It taught me the rules and how to see. It also made me realize I didn't want to be an architect.
 What has been your favorite place to visit and photograph? 
Wherever I am going next. Before I travel I do so much research into the history, people, food etc. that I'm always excited to get going.
What has kept you motivated during this pandemic or what has uplifted you during this time? 
Not much. It's been really tough. Being a traveller and being forced to stay home has been brutal. Luckily, I have a great family so I've got to spend more time with them. And surprisingly, sales have been up so there has been a lot more studio work than I ever expected.
Is there any specific person or thing that motivated your passion at an early age? 
Magazines and the dream of travel. Growing up in rural Iowa I subscribed to surfer magazine as I always loved the ocean. By the time I left home I think I had seen it 3 times. But I knew the rest of my life would involve the ocean in some way or another. 
Do you have any specific favorite artists or works of arts? 
I could go on forever. I tend to look at painters more than photographers. Painting to me is a total mystery. Schiele, Freud, Carvaggio, Wyeth, Pollack, Twombley.
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This interview has been condensed.