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Creating Your Dream Gallery Wall

Creating a gallery wall is no small accomplishment. Trying to incorporate all of your favorite items can often seem overwhelming for some individuals. Our team is here to help you create a dynamic space that is still live-able. See our tips and tricks to building the perfect collection for your wall below!

Choose a wall
Although this may seem obvious to some it is important to understand that gallery walls should guide your eye throughout the space. Choose a wall that captures a nice source of light that will showcase not only your pieces but also the design of the wall. Choosing a wall that is too big may make the space feel empty if you don't have enough pieces to fill the area.
Choose your theme
Whether your style is bohemian, mid-century modern, or a combination of the two. It is important to select the feel that you wish for your gallery wall to have. Always keep in mind the space that the wall is in to match the style of the space.
Note: See below for some room styles.
Choose your pieces
Part of being human is the ability to live an amazing life. Capturing aspects of your momentous occasions in your gallery wall should be a top priority. Gallery walls don't only have to feature photographs and pieces of art, they also can be a great way to showcase trinkets acquired from years of travel. 
Choose your frames
This is our favorite part! Selecting the perfect frames and displays to show off your pieces is our specialty. From simple modern black frames to ornate gold moulding we have every option you can imagine. Our team is here to help you choose the ideal mat size and frame style for your room. The best tip we can offer for selecting frames by yourself through our website is to make them cohesive but not matching. 
Have fun with it!
The placement of your pieces should be intentional yet organic. Choosing a color palette and theme can help be the perfect guide to the layout you should decide on. More modern rooms tends to have rigid and paired edges, while bohemian rooms have pieces ranging in size and color.
Our team is just a click away for a free consultation to build your gallery wall and choose your perfect frames.
Room Styles
Although there are dozens of interior design styles, below are a few of the most popular that we have worked on. Try out one or a combination of a few for your dream space!