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Dinesh Boaz

Dinesh Boaz creates a dynamic juxtaposition between the natural landscape and our involvement in it. This fresh perspective is definitely attractive, but also reveals a reflective state which is introspective, as well as contemplative. Dinesh Boaz explores the area beneath him via a helicopter to achieve a ‘top’ view. As he states, “By honing-in on the specific details of the earth below, I can highlight . the remoteness and stillness in water, sand and rugged space like terrain, but also connect back to our existence with human form and the life within." Emphasizing lines, colors, shapes and an overall pattern, Boaz’s thoughts develop from his musical background. Originally a recording studio owner and music producer in New York City, he combines the visual and performing arts. The artist is able to see musical notes and frequencies as different values of color, or color palettes, on the spectrum. Boaz was born in Chennai, India, graduated with his B.A. from Rutgers University, and in not so many years, has had numerous exhibits, awards and magazine reviews across the United States.
"What I hope to achieve through my photography,  is a shared view of the world and a mutually inspired experience. While I might play the role of orchestrator and purveyor of the journey through these landscapes, my hope is that one can experience the same feelings of inspiration, calm and positive energy I feel in the helicopter cockpit at 1000 feet." Dinesh Boaz